Last week really began to feel like fall. The intense heat of summer has begun to fade, leaving us with crisp mornings and new fall colors.  My significant other and I decided it was a perfect time to enjoy a ride on the sports bike, aka the scooter. We rode the scooter to Afton, Minnesota.

Other than the ski slopes, the town of Afton is basically made of the ice cream shop we went to called Selma’s. Apparently, Selma’s is the oldest ice-cream shop  in Minnesota, which seems to hold true because everyone we have mentioned it to seems to have been there at some point in time.

It was one of the cutest places we have been to; with a beautiful outdoor garden and a cute little building it was hard not to have high expectations of a wonderful malt experience. We were not disappointed! Selma’s has taken the number two spot on our list.

Following the new rule of, only ordering one malt at the smallest size possible, we ordered raspberry malt. It followed the general price of being in the $5 range and came in a large Dixie cup.  It was thick, and delicious, and crammed full of that malt taste that we love.  One of these scrumptious malts was not enough to split between the two of us, so we decided to take our chances with strawberry malt. It was equally delightful. It definitely gave the PortLand a good run for the number one position on our best malt list.


Kroll’s Diner

Kroll’s Diner

Have you ever played the car game, “On my trip to California?” It is a memorization game, where you start at the beginning of the alphabet, packing an item with each item. For instance, “On my trip to California I brought an aardvark and a bag of bacon.” The next person would follow up with the letter C. “On my trip to California I brought an aardvark, bag of bacon, and a corkscrew.” It is a good time killer, and for some reason I feel like it fits well with on my trip to Fargo, ND.

On my trip to Fargo, I felt like I saw many odd things, no aardvarks, but some interesting people none the less. Due to an unfortunate family emergency we became very familiar with the Sanford hospital  in Fargo. We were there for about a week of that time and became familiar with Fargo and the surrounding area.

We didn’t have a ton of time to explore the area’s nature and odd roadside offerings (not even sure if Fargo offers any of these things). After a not so great malt experience, we were lucky enough to find the malt that holds the number two position on our list.

Kroll’s Diner was a pleasure to experience. If I can get breakfast for every meal of the day, I will often do it, and thankfully Kroll’s is the place to go for that. My order of pancakes was not your normal, premade mixture of dump and microwave batter. The cakes were thick and tasted of from your grandma’s skillet goodness.

Kroll’s has many daily specials, like shaky Mondays, where you can get two shakes or malts for the price of one. We were very sad that we didn’t discover Kroll’s on a Monday, because their Malts were delicious. It came in a standard size malt glass, with your normal strawberry flavor, but the nice thing was that you could actually taste the malt mix, which we have discovered most places heavily skimp on this ingredient.  After the plentiful amount of food offered, finishing my delicious malt was a task I was unable to achieve. If you are ever in Fargo, definitely don’t miss out on their food and malts.

The Start. The PortLand Malt Shoppe Duluth, MN

The beginning of our travel season began over the 4th of July weekend.  I decided that a romantic trip to Duluth, Minnesota to watch the fireworks over Lake Superior was exactly what my significant other and I needed. I am a very lucky girl; he enjoys travel and camping as much as I do.

If you have never experienced Duluth , I highly recommend it.  You cannot possibly fit in all the wonderful things to do and see in a single weekend, but we managed to do quite a lot of it. We are strong believers of the saying, “You can sleep when you are dead,” and try to fit in as much as possible on our trips.

We were able to visit a couple amazing lighthouses in the close vicinity of Duluth. One of the more notable was Split Rock. After a horrific season of shipwrecks in 1905 the Split Rock lighthouse was built to try to prevent further destruction of ships.

After our tour of Split Rock we were able to enjoy the sun on the piers of downtown Duluth, explore the beautiful Great Lakes Aquarium, browse the local shops, and enjoy Fitgers Brew house.  Fitgers offers some wonderful food and its own micro brewed beer. My personal favorite was the apricot wheat.

Perhaps the best part of Duluth was the PortLand Malt Shoppe located next to Fitgers Brew house. The Portland Malt Shoppe holds our number ONE position for best malt in the Midwest. It is a small store, with window front service specializing in malts. There were a ton of different flavors, I chose the strawberry while my significant other chose raspberry. Each malt came with a vanilla wafer cookie that complimented the rich malt flavoring and a healthy amount of whipped cream on top. The malt itself came in a generous serving (I was unable to finish mine, the Mr. got to enjoy both flavors.), and was at a very reasonable price.

The only downside to the PortLand Malt Shoppe was that they didn’t accept credit cards. If you didn’t have cash you would have to go to a gift shop next door to purchase a gift certificate and come back. Overall, Duluth Minnesota, and the Portland Malt Shoppe are at the top of our list for places to visit. We can’t wait to go back.