Kroll’s Diner

Kroll’s Diner

Have you ever played the car game, “On my trip to California?” It is a memorization game, where you start at the beginning of the alphabet, packing an item with each item. For instance, “On my trip to California I brought an aardvark and a bag of bacon.” The next person would follow up with the letter C. “On my trip to California I brought an aardvark, bag of bacon, and a corkscrew.” It is a good time killer, and for some reason I feel like it fits well with on my trip to Fargo, ND.

On my trip to Fargo, I felt like I saw many odd things, no aardvarks, but some interesting people none the less. Due to an unfortunate family emergency we became very familiar with the Sanford hospital  in Fargo. We were there for about a week of that time and became familiar with Fargo and the surrounding area.

We didn’t have a ton of time to explore the area’s nature and odd roadside offerings (not even sure if Fargo offers any of these things). After a not so great malt experience, we were lucky enough to find the malt that holds the number two position on our list.

Kroll’s Diner was a pleasure to experience. If I can get breakfast for every meal of the day, I will often do it, and thankfully Kroll’s is the place to go for that. My order of pancakes was not your normal, premade mixture of dump and microwave batter. The cakes were thick and tasted of from your grandma’s skillet goodness.

Kroll’s has many daily specials, like shaky Mondays, where you can get two shakes or malts for the price of one. We were very sad that we didn’t discover Kroll’s on a Monday, because their Malts were delicious. It came in a standard size malt glass, with your normal strawberry flavor, but the nice thing was that you could actually taste the malt mix, which we have discovered most places heavily skimp on this ingredient.  After the plentiful amount of food offered, finishing my delicious malt was a task I was unable to achieve. If you are ever in Fargo, definitely don’t miss out on their food and malts.


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About midwestmalts

This summer has truly been incredible. Our travels have lead us around Minnesota and into parts of Wisconsin and North Dakota. We have explored mines, caves, wild life centers, and much more. One of the most entertaining parts of the summer was our pursuit for the best malt. Each small town offers their own tourist attractions which often times include a small town ice cream parlor. Because of the wide array of ice cream these shops offer we decided early on in the summer to limit our malt choices to either a raspberry or strawberry, and due to an unfortunate experience which will be discussed later on our malts are always ordered in the smallest possible size.

4 responses to “Kroll’s Diner”

  1. bustedfoot says :

    Can you guys attach a map e.g. a google map at all as I’m not from the US and it would be interesting to follow your trip

  2. maryduranteyoutt says :

    We’ve played that game on many road trips as kids. It kept us from fighting. Thanks for sharing. My husband and I took a train across America From NYC through Chicago to CA as a pre-wedding trip with stop offs in The Rocky Mtn. National Park and then Reno to visit with friends. Last summer into fall we did a more southern road trip taking in a bunch of National Parks along the way winding up in N. Dakota. Traveling is a wonderful way to meet people.
    Your trip sounds interesting and it will be fun to travel along with you.

    • midwestmalts says :

      Thank you for your comment! The trip to NYC to CA sounds like it would be amazing. Would love to do something like that. Think we will, once we have explored everything that we can locally.

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