Last week really began to feel like fall. The intense heat of summer has begun to fade, leaving us with crisp mornings and new fall colors.  My significant other and I decided it was a perfect time to enjoy a ride on the sports bike, aka the scooter. We rode the scooter to Afton, Minnesota.

Other than the ski slopes, the town of Afton is basically made of the ice cream shop we went to called Selma’s. Apparently, Selma’s is the oldest ice-cream shop  in Minnesota, which seems to hold true because everyone we have mentioned it to seems to have been there at some point in time.

It was one of the cutest places we have been to; with a beautiful outdoor garden and a cute little building it was hard not to have high expectations of a wonderful malt experience. We were not disappointed! Selma’s has taken the number two spot on our list.

Following the new rule of, only ordering one malt at the smallest size possible, we ordered raspberry malt. It followed the general price of being in the $5 range and came in a large Dixie cup.  It was thick, and delicious, and crammed full of that malt taste that we love.  One of these scrumptious malts was not enough to split between the two of us, so we decided to take our chances with strawberry malt. It was equally delightful. It definitely gave the PortLand a good run for the number one position on our best malt list.


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About midwestmalts

This summer has truly been incredible. Our travels have lead us around Minnesota and into parts of Wisconsin and North Dakota. We have explored mines, caves, wild life centers, and much more. One of the most entertaining parts of the summer was our pursuit for the best malt. Each small town offers their own tourist attractions which often times include a small town ice cream parlor. Because of the wide array of ice cream these shops offer we decided early on in the summer to limit our malt choices to either a raspberry or strawberry, and due to an unfortunate experience which will be discussed later on our malts are always ordered in the smallest possible size.

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